Essay on Different Types Of Instructional Strategies

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One of the only downsides I’ve experienced in the Community of Teachers (CoT) program is that I was not required to take a course on special education. Within some of my methods courses I covered how to teach reading and writing, how to differentiate instruction and how to use different types of instructional strategies, but I never got to read an IEP or know how they are used. I never got to learn different techniques of teaching that was specifically tailored to students with different types of LDs (learning disabilities). I immediately went to thinking that I was left for dead. As soon as I got my own classroom I wouldn’t know what to do, how to act, or even how to be an effective teacher for a student with a disability. But if not taking a special education course within the CoT program was detrimental to my ability to be an effective teacher for all learners, my interactions with special educators within my CoT seminar and in the field has more than made up for it. When I expressed my convictions to my mentor teacher, he just chuckled. He quickly told me how well I am doing differentiating my instruction to students with all different types of learning styles and abilities. He did say that it would be good for me to brush up on the knowledge though. He recommended a PowerPoint presentation once shown to him and a few articles on LDs and IEPs to help with this gap. The first piece of evidence I would like to present to show my competency with diverse learners is the…

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