Different Types Of Hate Crimes

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Across the country, fear is instilled in minorities minds because of hate crimes that are not even committed on them. There are several types of hate crimes such as crimes committed against transgender individuals or couples, crimes committed against religious individuals, and crimes committed against people with difference in skin color or country of origin. Hate crimes often have life changing negative effects on the victim and their families such as relocation. Hate crimes are criminal acts committed because of difference in race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and disability. Hate crimes are a huge problem in the United States because hate crimes are a constant thought in the minds of those that are different in the ways stated above. Prevention through the intervention of adults and young people is key …show more content…
A racist hate crime is a hate crime committed against a person because of difference in skin color, difference of country of origin, or language spoken. ("Types of Hate Crimes") A homophobic or anti-gay hate crime is a hate crime committed against a gay, lesbian, or bisexual individual or couple, usually committed by a straight group or individual. ("Types of Hate Crimes") A religious hate crime is an attack on someone because of difference in culture for lack of religion. ("Types of Hate Crimes") A sectarian hate crime is a crime that is committed against someone for their community background. ("Types of Hate Crimes") A transgender is a crime committed against someone whose current gender is different from their gender at birth. ("Types of Hate Crimes") A disability hate crime is a crime committed against someone because of their physical or mental disability they have. ("Types of Hate Crimes") Every crime shows hatred. Crimes committed against a person because of skin color, religion or sexuality is an attack against the victim's person, others of the same group and

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