Essay about Different Types Of Families And Children

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Growing up I seen many different types of families. Some of them had two parents working, while others had one parent work and the other stay home. Typically the mother would be the parent to stay home while the father worked, but now of days this is not always the case. Now of days, you may find fathers who stay home to take care of the children and house, while the mother works full time to provide for the family. But in the home I grew up in, there were two parents and four children. My father, Rick, worked full time at the family business as a diesel mechanic, although he didn’t go to school for this. He also owned a small auto repair shop and small family housing business he would work in during his free time. My mother, Mary, stayed home to care for us kids and the household chores. Analyzing my own family by identifying the gender ideologies and gender strategies allowed me to find the family myths that existed between my parents, decide if women do more of the second shift, and compare my family to the families in Hochshild’s book The Second Shift. Gender ideologies help us decide where someone lies within the spheres of the division of labor. There are three gender ideologies traditional, transitional, and egalitarian. Traditional means the father focuses on his work while the mother focuses on the house and family. An egalitarian family is when the division of labor is split in half and both the man and women have equal amounts of power. A transitional family is a…

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