Different Types Of Criminal Behavior Essay

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This book talks about different types of criminal behavior. It is divided in 10 chapters and each chapter discusses different aspects of the criminal behavior system. The book shows the readers how crimes are classified into different categories, and how the legal system deals with different types of crimes. It clearly demonstrates what kinds of behaviors can be classified as criminal behaviors (both violent and non-violent criminal behaviors).
In addition to that, the book precisely defines both organized and disorganized or individual crimes. It talks about the reasons why an individual might be involved in criminal activities, and it differentiates between career criminals, occasional criminals, serial criminals, and one timers.
This article is about ‘serial killers’. It is an interesting piece of literature in the field of criminal behavior systems, because it divides serial killers into 2 different categories: The Mercy-Heroes, and The Power/Control Type. The authors go about defining each of these 2 types of serial killers. For example, the mercy-heroes or mercy killers are the ones that kill people by thinking that they are doing their victims favors. These type of killers usually go for people that are in a lot of pain. According to this article, ‘the angels of death’ are good examples of mercy killers. These are healthcare professionals that normally murder patients suffering from chronic and life-ending diseases like cancer. Such patients are bound to die…

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