Different Therapeutic Approaches Of Gestalt Therapy Essay

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When compared to other therapeutic approaches, gestalt therapy is a lot less structured and much more philosophical. Perls (1969) has been quoted saying ‘One of the objections I have against anyone calling himself a gestalt therapist is that he uses a technique, a technique is a gimmick’ This being said gestalt therapists are encouraged to create their own means of assisting the client towards experiencing awareness and meaningful contact with the self and others. One of the exercises that may be used for a client in gestalt therapy is the exaggeration exercise. The aim in this exercise is for the client is to become more aware of the subtle cues and signals they are sending through their own body language. The person is asked to exaggerate the movement or gesture, such as breathing, shaking or trembling, in order to intensify the feeling attached to the behaviour (Corey, 2013). This is an awareness building exercise designed to focus the client’s awareness on what they are doing. Another of the better known exercises used in gestalt therapy is the empty chair ‘technique’. This exercise, a role-playing technique that allows the client to experience the conflict of any unfinished business, was developed to get the client to externalise introjections (Corey, 2013).

It is because gestalt approach accentuates experimentation, gestalt has not always lent itself too well to the scientific environment resulting in a partial number of experimental investigations regarding the…

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