Different Theories That Will Help With Community Policing Essay

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Carmen Faith Torres
Mrs. Crystal Watts
1 October 2015
Community Policing Theories Four theories that will help with community policing are, SARA model, CPTED, Community Service Centers, Problem Oriented Policing. S.A.R.A Model S.A.R.A model is a four stage problem solving process. The four processes are scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. When scanning is used it is to identify the problem. Police officers use Scanning as their first step to identify problems in the beats then look for patterns or persistent incidents that have been repeated. Police officers may ask at that point and time what is the problem? Problems are viewed by behaviors, location, persons, time, and events. Behaviors are the most frequent type of indicators which include activities such as drug selling, robbery, theft, and graffiti. Locations can help identify the problem by hot spots such as downtown cursing areas, house complexes that are burglarized and parks where gangs commit crimes. Persons can help identify the problem by either being a victim or a constant offender. When an offender is around the problem and the offender has committed a problem repeatedly police officers usually know what they may have done. A victim can tell a police officer who it was or they could describe the offender or problem. Time is another way that police can tell what type of problem it was because of time patterns like traffic congestion, closing times for bars, or tourist activity.…

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