Different Theories, Models, And Philosophies About Leadership

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This past semester in class we have discussed many different theories, models, and philosophies about Leadership, but in class learning can only take you so far. This past semester, whether or not I wanted to I was looking for different instances that modeled what we had learned in class.
The only time worth noting was the day that instead of watching the Aggies v. Alabama, I had the good fortune to represent my organization, Women 's Chorus, with a few other girls (and a father), by working a concession stand in the Zone in Third Deck of Kyle Field. That game was an ‘early’ game, with kickoff being about two o’clock, which meant the concessions stand workers had to be there at eight, and ready to go to our assigned stand at nine. None of the girls I worked with that day are morning people, which just caused more tension than really helped. When our little group met with our team leader, Sarah one of the choir officers, we were informed of a few minor changes, that didn 't really affect how the concession stand was supposed to work, but annoyed us greatly, none of us were in the best mood. We pushed our way through the chaos that was registration and check-in, to get our information and get to the stand as quickly as possible, and as we were waking up a little more, our moods got better little by little. I went with Sarah to get the money assigned to our stand, and we met the rest of our team up at the stand, only to find that our stand leader spoke in thickly…

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