Huckleberry Finn Theme Essay

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In the book Huckleberry Finn, Written by Mark Twain, there are many different themes. One theme that Twain is trying to show is, it takes time to get rich if you want to do it the right way. Huckleberry Finn grew up with an abusive father, he only comes home to get the money Huck has. After running away, Jim and Huck soon realize they need more supplies, so Hcuk starts lying and stealing, for supplies. After being on the river for a while now, they suddenly come across some scammers who call themselves the King and Duke. They do many things throughout the book that has to do with lying, stealing, and getting rich.
In the early scenes of this book, we see how scared Huck is of his father, Pap Finn. We very quickly learn that his is an abusive drunk, who is never around, as well as a horrible father to Huck. Huck sees Pap’s shoe mark in the dirt and is immediately scared. After a typical day in the life of Huckleberry Finn, he climbs into his room, only to see Pap Finn sitting in his room. He is fear stricken. We learn that the only reason Pap is there is for Huck 's six thousand dollars that he found in a cave. “I hain 't heard nothing but you being rich...You git me the money by tomorrow, I want it” (page 28) Pap is willing to do anything
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Classic literature is literature that has enduring qualities, it can still be applied to present times. Through the theme of making money quickly, we are really able to relate to it today 's times as well. Throughout the book, we see that lying, cheating, and stealing, is never the right way to make money. It 's always better to work hard, and earn it. Pap Finn is a horrible father that only comes around for his son 's money. In the present day, 67% of Americans believe that poor economy has caused an increase in domestic violence. Another point in huckleberry Finn was when Huck lied about having a sick family to get money from some men they met on the

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