Essay about Different Styles Of Parenting Styles

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As a parent, there are a lot of techniques as to how you want to parent your children. There are many different aspects on to how you want your kid to develop. However, there are three unique styles of parenting your infant. The first type of parenting style is the authoritative parenting. It is highly regarded as being beneficial and a effective parenting style for normal children. As you can identify from the description of the word, it is when the parents has marked a high expectation that they have on their children. Also, due to their high expectation on an infant, they have a great understanding as to supporting their children as well. This type of style enables to create a healthy environment for the children to show growth. In addition, it provides a productive relationship between the parent and the child. An example of an authoritative parent is including a healthy and open line conversation with their children due to the fact that an authoritative parents have great communication skills without judgment or reprimand. Moreover, they will have an understanding from where you are going through because they have dealt with the situation in the past in their childhood. Thus providing a wide understanding of the society around them. The next parenting technique is called the authoritarian parenting style. It may sound almost like the previous style of parenting but, it’s highly disparate compared to an authoritative parent because they are characterized as being a…

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