Different Standards Of Work And Working Conditions Around The World

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2. A "one-size-fits-all" approach to 'child work ' is a problematic approach, due to the diversity of work and working conditions around the world. There are different standards of 'child work ' everywhere and therefore, it is not practical to have one set way of viewing children. In Westernized cultures, which is a term that refers to, social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, and beliefs of a society, there is a law in place for what the minimum age of work can be, and it is unfair to say that no matter where you live you cannot begin to work until you reach that age. In developing countries such as, Africa or China, the children need to begin work at a much younger age than the children here for various of different reasons. Through the reading Working Children in Zimbabwe, Bourdillon (2005), shows just how reliable young children are on the jobs they have. Many of the children interviewed for this article are below the minimum age that a person is able to begin to work at. Although there is an age restriction on when a person can begin to work, these children are working in informal sectors, which is where the work becomes dangerous to the child. Because they are too young to get jobs in formal sectors, they are forced to get unsafe jobs in the informal sector. Although the conditions the children are working in could be considered dangerous, most of them do not have a choice but to keep their job due to how much they rely on it. One young girl from the…

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