Different Sources Of Electricity And Electricity Essays

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Different Sources of Electricity
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September 8, 2016

One of the most reliable and most used thing in America and around the word is electricity. Some might say that, that’s not true but if a person actually sits back and think about that its true. Mainly because there are only two types of electricity current electricity and static electricity. Electricity is the presence and flow of an electric charge, it also has a form with positive and negative charges like what’s inside of a lightning bolt. In the electrical state this one thing shows up for many concepts like, electrical charge, electrical field, electrical current, electrical potential, electromagnets, electrochemistry, electric circuits, electric power, electronics, electromagnet. Every single thing that has to do with the world today is based behind electricity, you can even say people will be nothing without it. One type of electricity is the current electricity which is caused by tiny invisible things called electrons that move through metal, as said from the website “lovemyscience.com”. Current electricity is mostly things like batteries used for things like remotes or current electricity can flow through wires like when a person is using their computer that needs to be plug in or has to be charged. In a person everyday routine, they use some type of current electricity like, computers, TV, phone chargers, and many more. Current electricity is one of the main reasons why…

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