Slaveholders In 'The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass'

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Frederick Douglass’ novel, The Narrative life of Frederick Douglass, has many accounts that show different ways that slaveholders enslaved people. Through Douglass accounts, we see that the slaveholders dehumanized people so that they can have complete control over them since slaves are what they need to fulfill their greed. In Douglass novel men and women go from human to slave due to several methods the white slave owners employed. The slave owners deny the slaves of bonds, they destroy their unity and leave them uneducated, granted, Douglass was also a slave, but he made himself a man by educating himself, forming bonds and using fear to his advantage.
The slaves live together, eat together and suffer together, so they understand each other’s
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Slaveholders kept slaves away from education, they don’t want them to become conscious of their situation. Granted, if slaves do become educated than they would most likely seek a way to become free. For example, “when Douglass moved to Baltimore to live with the Aulds, Mrs. Aulds begins to educate him, but Mr. Auld finds out what she is doing and tells her to stop since knowledge ruins a slave which will end in making them unmanageable and unhappy” (pg.28-29). The slaveholders have no need for a scholar, they need someone that they can control. Moreover, they understand that someone that is educated will not stand to live a life in captivity. Thus, they can control slaves since the slaveholder’s knowledge far exceeds the slaves. If a slave is not educated about the world, then he probably does not realize that what is being done to them is unreasonable and socially unjust. Granted, if they do become educated than they would most likely seek for a way to become free. The slaves will become useless in the eye of the slave owner since they will no longer stand for the cruelty being inflicted upon them. It will no longer be an easy task to control them since the slaves will be on the same playing field as them. This will lead slaves to go from slaves back to …show more content…
Douglass faced this struggles, but he still prevailed over them by using them to his advantage, and went from slave to man. He gained control over his own fate and inspired many to take control of their life like he

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