Different Races of People Have Different Levels of Intelligence' Critically Discuss This Claim, Considering the Arguments for Both Sides.

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Race and intelligence is a controversial area of intelligence research studying the nature, origins, and practical consequences of racial and ethnic group differences in intelligence test scores and other measures of cognitive ability. It has been suggested that people of various races do have different levels of intelligence, however the controversy of establishing what exactly makes a person ‘intelligent' is the basis for argument. Intelligence is defined as the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. (Dockrell, 1970) says "intelligence may be taken to mean ability – what a person can do at this moment." Due to the complex …show more content…
This aspect of mental abilities measured by IQ tests is important to our society, but it is obviously not the only set of educationally of occupationally relevant abilities." (Eysenck, 1916 p.24-25).
Different races may have varying levels of intelligence. This does not necessarily mean that their levels of intelligence are lower or higher due to genetics in different races of people but may be higher or lower due to the situation at that time. A developing country will have a lower level of intelligence compared to a developed nation due to the physical, social, and economic climate apparent in the countries or races who have a lower level of ‘intelligence'. Third world countries traditionally do have lower levels of intelligence because of lower education levels due to lack of funding throughout the country. This still poses the question whether the race or country are less intelligent which is the reason why the country/nation are still developing, is it due to genetics that ‘the chronic poverty and underdevelopment in Africa; the bad self indulgent leaders of some African nations; and the consistent failure of most government programs to much improve the of American blacks.' (Howard 1991 p.117). It is nearly impossible to determine that a race has a lower or higher level of intelligence because ‘some scientists dispute that such things as ‘races' even exist' (Howard, 1991 p.115) because of

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