Different Philosophies Focus On How Educators Should Teach Students

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TThere are four major educational philosophies Perennialism, essentialism, progressivism, and social recontructionism. These four philosophies focused on how educators should teach students. Perennials and essentials are teacher-centered philosophies in which students are forced to adjust to the teacher curriculum. These teachers-centered philosophies tend to be more authoritarian and conservative, and emphasize the values and knowledge that have survived through time. [Philosophy Education]. On the other hand, progressivism and social reconstructionism are student-centered philosophies in which the teacher adjusts to the students’ needs in order to plan curriculum. As well, progressivism and social reconstructionism philosophies believes in preparing students for a changing future. These four philosophies have been implemented all over the world, some focus more on traditional values, and others in the student 's needs. However, all philosophies focus on preparing students for the future.
PPerennialism is an educational philosophy that focuses on over lasting ideas, and that had lasted over centuries. Perennialism’s approach is to educate students, rational, developing the intellect, and it focuses on past and ongoing studies. It is a teacher-centered philosophy and force students to adjust to the teacher. As mentioned perennialism focuses on teaching students things that are related to many generations. Moreover, perennialism educators teach students…

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