Different Perspectives Towards The Holocaust Essay examples

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Different Perspectives Towards the Holocaust
The Holocaust has revolutionized the globe throughout time, witnessing the gruesome event where more than a thousand victims specifically targeting Jews, have been massacred and tortured by the German union known as Nazis ruled over by Hitler, forming an ideal for the Nazi’s organization to eradicate the Jewish population. During the Holocaust Jewish children, men, women, old and young were sent to camps, where there they were worked to death and if they gave up they were sent to crematoriums to be slaughtered. Jews believed that they had no faith left, they stopped believing in their culture as if they were being transformed from humans to zombies. The Holocaust have altered million of Jews to find a new normal, change their whole personality, characteristics, and their culture, they gave up on their Jewish morals that they were left to rot in the camps, having lost their family, friends, and their whole life. The Jews were traumatized by the whole tragedy of the Holocaust that they were forced to change their point of view in life. They were abused during the camps working to their death, suffering from fear for years at the camps with no hope, and loss in their faith, many of the survivors after the war would commit suicide because they had no point in living after what they just experienced after the war had ended. Several survivors of the Holocaust from men, women, and children all had different ways to survive another day…

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