The Holocaust: Different Perspectives Of The Holocaust

Different Perspectives Towards the Holocaust
The Holocaust has revolutionized the globe throughout time, witnessing the gruesome event where more than a thousand victims specifically targeting Jews, have been massacred and tortured by the German union known as Nazis ruled over by Hitler, forming an ideal for the Nazi’s organization to eradicate the Jewish population. During the Holocaust Jewish children, men, women, old and young were sent to camps, where there they were worked to death and if they gave up they were sent to crematoriums to be slaughtered. Jews believed that they had no faith left, they stopped believing in their culture as if they were being transformed from humans to zombies. The Holocaust have altered million of Jews to
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From the beginning, it started with only a few Jews being captured, it then developed from a few to dozens of Victims who were being killed on their own streets by guards who just grabbed them checked for their religion and if they were a Jew then they were captured and taken to the camps. After that the Holocaust progressed, it began to take in thousands of Jews into these camps and then the concentration and the crematoriums camps developed later during the war.After the placement of the camps Jews began to grow in fear that they were being wiped out by the Nazis. During the war Jewish people were being captured from the streets and transported directly to the camps, from there they were tested to see if the survivors were strong, young, healthy to work, the Nazis thought it wasn’t unethical if they put them to work for their freedom, but the challenge of their work tasks were unbelievably impossible to overcome. The Jews were forced to work to death if they refused they were killed in a discriminating manner, either way the Nazis main goal was to terminate all Jews from the face of the globe. These survivors lived in fear, thinking about their family while working at the camps, worried for what might happen to them, they then lose hope in their lives. Some Jews even went crazy in their minds during the camps because they couldn’t put up with the pain of working and with fear that their family already have been killed. After the war had ended some survivors were left with nothing where they got to the point that their only option was to commit suicide. The survivors perspectives were altered after the Holocaust was abolished, that it changed their lives. During the war, the victims at the camps were starting to find hope, that one day they’ll free from this torture. The holocaust survivors were heartbroken because they knew that most of their family members were killed while being entrapped at these camps, they started to go insane, the low amounts of

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