Persepective Paper

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Persepective paper

During this semester, Ive really come to understand how rough, tiring, rewarding and how much of a huge process being a teacher can be. Of course, there will be a full understanding while being a college student, but my experience has helped me shape different perspectives on being a teacher. My rule number one would probably be to always try to be the best teacher you can. Because other people’s learning is at stake.

When I think about it, it was the teachers that Ive had in the past that have given me my foundation for becoming a good teacher. When I was taking private lessons, I was building an apprenticeship perspective. I can then build on the good of what they taught me and what I’ve picked up over the years. I
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Words that stuck out to me were: Role models, patient, versitile, innovators, compassionate, caregivers, and diverse.
You have to morally educate your students, And providing a good moral foundation for them is a perfect way to start. If your students don’t know how to behave in your class, then You’ve basically lost the battle as a teacher in the situation.

As a class, we talked about our experience in our group teaching and what we learned overall and what we talked abou

There are many differences and similarities to both teaching musics and subjects such as, english, math, history, and science. Especially now that technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the classroom. Our class described music as being imperitive to our daily lives. Theres not a day that goes by without us hearing music. We hear it when we talk, on the radio, on the street when cars are honking at eachother. You hear it when you have to take the train to work and a street performer is playing. There’s all sorts of differnt music in the classroom. When the children learn their ABC’s, and various nursery rhymes. It’s nap time and you want the children to go to sleep faster, so you play soft, soothing music for them. Teachers have told me as a learning strategy, to take the words or phrases that i need to memorize and put it in a song. Music teachers provide the balance the students
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Structure and content in its multiple lesson plans. Your lesson plan has to speak to your students. You want to have your goals for the class as a whole. It needs to show how long you have to go through each part. The various materials that you have to use throughout your class. There was a time I was making a lesson plan for a class that used a lot of materials and I had forgotten to include a handful of them at first because of how obvious they were. My group members caught me and told me to include them, because I could easily forget something so simple as pencils and mess up my entire lesson plan. There was a list of steps that we would take during class, and plan out what ever you need to say for discussions, introducing the project that the class will be working on, or even how you’re going to answer student’s potential questions. This

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