Different Parenting Styles Of The World, No One Will Ever Agree On An Unfamiliar Parenting Style

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Because there are so many different parenting techniques in the world, no one will ever agree on the "correct" parenting method. While one mother might think that being strict is the way to go, another might believe that letting their child be free works best. Although there are some exceptions, most people seem to get their parenting methods from how their parents raised them. Reading essays on different parenting techniques might give someone insight on an unfamiliar parenting style, but ultimately, a mother and father will decide what they think is best for their little one. Amy Chua, a Professor of Law at Yale Law School, goes above and beyond strict parenting as she explains in "Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior". In this reading, she refers to herself as a Chinese mother not just because of her race but because of the way she raised her children. Parents who are less strict she classifies as Western parents. Chua looked down on a lot of child activities that most parents would never look at as a negative like sleepovers or playing the drums. She also talked about how Chinese mothers push to have their children be number one in academics and piano/violin(219). Her children were not allowed to choose activities for themselves because according to Chua, "Chinese parents believe that they know what is best for their children and therefore override all of their children 's own desires and preferences(221)." A Western parent might view a Chinese mother 's behavior…

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