Different Morals Make Different Colonies Essay examples

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Different Morals Make Different Colonies Around the year 1500, Europeans learn of an entire new land. A land that in time will bring on battles, new inventions, new people, and most significantly, more religions. This land is referenced as the New World. Although the New World is filled with many different important moments in history, one of the most important events that happened in the New World is the creation of the British Colonies. The British Colonies are thirteen colonies created by Britain in an attempt to gain more wealth. At first, Britain wanted to create the colonies to trade and make more money with no intent to settle. This changes in the middle of the 1500s. A man named Walter Raleigh is given permission and funds by the Queen of England to go and claim land in the new world. Raleigh then finds another man named John White, who takes 117 people to a place in the New World called Roanoke, Virginia. White and the people arrive safely, but when White goes back to Europe for supplies, the Spanish Armada prevents White from returning to the New World. Whites’ people are left to fend for themselves for three years and when White finally returns, all of the people are nowhere to be found; no one has ever figured out how or why. Soon after this incident occurs, the Queen of England dies and is replaced by King James. With King James, comes the Virginia Company, a joint stock company made to bring settlers to the coast of North America, and with the Virginia…

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