Essay On Standing Alone

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A man stood alone before twelve others, unsupported on all sides. He had hoped for some sympathetic glances, but none came his way except for the icy glares from the others seated around the table. He nervously wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and tried to keep his calm demeanor intact. This man is Juror #8, the man whom nobody supported at the beginning of the play, Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose. Despite its difficulty, in order to stand alone in front of numerous people like Juror #8 did, courage becomes essential in not conforming to the thoughts of others. There are different levels of seriousness on what a person stands alone for. For example, it could be something as simple as wanting to go to the library instead of a basketball …show more content…
Standing alone isn’t necessarily all courage and nothing else; it produces countless trials and hardships that may torment a person emotionally. When I didn’t stand up for the person, I became riddled with guilt and shame, and it still clings to me to this day. One reason why people won’t risk standing alone for what is right is because they fear they will be the target of ridicule. No one enjoys being made fun of or gossiped about. I was afraid that if I spoke up for the girl and against the gossiper, she would in turn gossip about me behind my back. Moreover, humans all want support and companionship, but without it, they feel alone in the world with no one who cares about them. When it feels like the entire world is against him, his courage will start failing as he struggles in a battle between his heart and mind. While his mind tells him to just go with the flow, his heart urges him to be brave and continue pursuing what is right. The choice lies with him. Overall, though standing alone may be troublesome and difficult at times, it may all be worth it. Like Juror #8 who argued calmly but persistently about giving the accused boy a fair trial, standing up for the right causes may be crucial in helping other people or yourself. Courage indeed becomes a key factor in standing alone while staying true to who you

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