Different Languages, Spanish And English Essay

723 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Growing up in a big mixed family is a must to know two different languages, Spanish and English. It’s a great disadvantage because Today, I 'm a bilingual. Well, semi-bilingual. It’s useful to be able to communicate with my family, for work, and pretty much everywhere I go. But at the end of it all, it’s a blessing and curse. It was a challenge for me as a kid growing up, to identify the difference language barrier. I felt comfortable to read, write and speak Spanish very well because the school was teaching me. But as soon as I stopped learning Spanish academically, it was hard for me to feel that comfort I once had. My mother wanted for my brother and me to learn Spanish in school since it’s in my family language. She didn’t want us to forget a language that is part of us. Which is why my mother put my brother and me in bilingual classes. In class, I was taught two different languages. I was able to learn how to read, write and also, learn how to speak it in English and Spanish. It brought me to a position that I felt comfortable speaking both languages in a certain age. I was very good at it with my English and Spanish. With my family, I was able to communicate in Spanish very well without being stuck not knowing how to say a certain word. And I would keep a conversation going in full in Spanish. It was only because I was being taught in school and with my parents; it brought that comfort for me to be able to know another language. So it started to shape and…

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