Different Kinds Of Economic And Social Policies Essay

1002 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Sangeeta Rana

In this essay I will talk about 4 different kinds of economic and social policies, and how they correspond to a right-wing, left-wing, libertarian or authoritarian policies. In the first paragraph I will explain the difference between the right and left-wing and in the second one it will be the difference between a libertarian and authoritarian policies. In the third one I will talk and explain which one of the left-wing or right-wing is an example of the one of the two economic proposed policies. Same goes for the next paragraph but i am going to talk about which of the two social proposed policies goes with authoritarian or libertarian policies, and I will end this essay with a conclusion of everything I said.

First of all I will explain the difference between right-wing policy and left-wing policies. The right-wing is a policy where the politicians tend to be more of a conservative type, have conservative views and it values tradition, example marriage and religion. Since they value tradition gay marriage in their eyes is like committing a sin. In the old times marrying someone from the same-sex was never part of tradition and so it will never be in a conservatives mind. The right-wing politicians likes to have a limited government that doesn 't control or interfere in the citizens life. They want the individuals to be free and so having the smallest government comes with less regulations, and with that the individuals can have more liberty. This quote is…

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