Marriage Interview Paper

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Karlo and Linette are also considered one of my favorite couples, who always bring out the best of their relationship whenever they have been around us. They have known each other for a long time before they get married, and they know each other well which helped them a lot to grow their healthy relationship and become a role model for other couples. This couple had a little different background than my first couple that I interviewed. They were both born in Iran; however, they have left the country during different times. Karlo left the country when he was 12 year old and Linette left the country and moved to the U.S. when she was three. Even though, they were both raised in similar families with the same culture and beliefs, I could notice …show more content…
Marriage is more than a commitment, it should follow a quite enough history of a healthy relationship during which individuals have enough time to examine their desires and their significant other, analyze the rest of their life as couple and make sure they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with the significant other. As I have mentioned before, I value moral and traits more than any other factor in a happy marriage life. Therefore, most of the questions of my interview were chosen to know more about the couple 's’ feelings toward each other, qualities, behaviors, any family or religion background that might effect on their happy marriage. Through the questions that couples were asked, I realized how the ideas of understanding, compromising, caring, and prioritizing composed a big part of their happy life. I tried to include questions that carry material value as well, and I was able to see how little and sometimes no significant space they can have in happy married life. Moreover, I was able to hear that realistically a happy marriage comes from a long way, with even obstacles and challenges in life. However, the key to keep such marriage alive is to be able to overcome any challenges and obstacles and face with problems, resolve them and move on. These both couples prove the above statements with sharing their experiences and ideas about a happy marriage life that everyone might wish

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