Different Genres Of Video Games Essay

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I. Have you ever played any genres of video games before? Everybody like play video games; however, everyone like to play specific video games their taste. I do have a thing for video games, but I have specific genres that I do play the most while playing it. So today, I would like to inform you about the three type genres of video games: Action/Adventure, Simulation, and Role-playing. Also the benefits of the three genres I had chosen.

(Transition: Now that we talk about the introduction of video game genres. Let 's start with the meaning of the three types of genres of video game.)
II. First, I will explain and give examples of the three genres, then I will be speaking about them.
a. As you can see, action/adventure games is combine genres that engage in the physical skills of the gameplay from the adventure games to serve the need of the storyline.

1. What John Feil say, “Hey, You Put Some Adventure in My Action!” Action genre focuses on the real-time interactions that challenge the reflexes of the physical movements of the game. While adventure game focal point on situational problem for gamers to solve, they rarely use action to entertain their gamers.

2. For instance, there are numerous subgenres of action/adventure: first-person shooter, third-person shooter, sandbox/open world, platform games, stealth games, survival horror games, and fighting games.

b. In simulation, gamers enjoys the fantasy of beings in someone else shoes.
1. Simulation is…

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