Agapne Love

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In modern times, the constant presence of technology and the media distracts us from our relationships. We spend too much time fussing about how outside sources tell us to look and act, and we forget about the people surrounding us. Our relationships deteriorate, and we forget about how important it is to love others and ourselves, as God taught us to. Throughout Units 1 and 2 in our Love, Choices, and Vocations class, we learned how to strengthen and better our relationships with God, others, and ourselves through love.
In every human being, there is an inner voice or center of peace that inspires us and calls us to a particular way of life. For many people. this inner voice, or ‘vocation’, is God speaking to them and telling them what He
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Different forms of love come in different ways, as our familial relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships differ. In order to truly love in these relationships, Agapé love is required. It takes patience, tolerance, respectfulness, honor, time, and knowledge to have healthy, loving relationships with others. Having concern for your loved ones, embracing them for who they are, and supporting them in their growth are all essential elements to care for others. It is sometimes difficult to love other authentically because they get on our nerves sometimes, but it is important to remember to treat others how we wish to be treated as Jesus taught. Additionally, the biggest thing that gets in our way of loving others is if we have no love for ourselves. We need to respect and recognize our worth in order to love others and share who we are with them. By loving people and sharing our gifts and talents with them, we can be a “light” to them to supply them with happiness and inspire them to be their best selves. In my life, I try my best to act out in love with the people I interact with and make them happy. Nevertheless, my quiet nature sometimes interrupts my ability to reach out to others and allow them to authentically love me back. I keep much of myself hidden to others and make it hard for our relationship to grow. With all of the people in my life, whether they be my family and friends or strangers, I need to show them my love and not be afraid to share myself with them. By caring and respecting others, I can demonstrate my love for them and empower them, bringing them joy. It is also in loving and helping others where I can find happiness within

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