Different Forms Of Communication Styles Essay

780 Words Jun 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I learned a tremendous amount of useful information throughout the entire semester. It has helped me change and grow from my old perspective, behavior, and conflict styles. This class has made me more self aware of myself in so many positive ways. I wish I could write down everything I had learned, but my list is too huge, so I had to narrow it down. This class not only made me self aware of myself, but it made me self aware of others communication styles, emotions, and thought processes.
I learned different forms of communication, high context culture, low context culture, the different forms of communication misconceptions, and conflict styles. I also learned how to self monitoring is healthy and it has the ability to help you along with perception checking. How there are different forms of conflict styles in addition to finding out what my conflict styles are and how to improve them. In addition, I learned the variety effective communication styles for relationships, how to improve communication climates, and the different forms of disagreeing messages. I have learned the most from the chapter 12 conflict, and it was our last chapter of the semester that I found the most interesting. This chapter really opens my eyes.
More importantly I learned how to manage conflict which was a huge thing for me since I have always had trouble in this area. My conflict behavior has to do a lot with deliberate emotions, fallacy of overgeneralization, defensiveness, aggression, and…

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