Essay on Different Extremes Of Religion : Christianity And Vodou

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Religions across the globe have been shaped by divergent histories of human interactions and socio-cultural dynamics. We can trace these religious developments by the movement of people and ideas across space and time. For example, Animism was practiced by many nomadic hunter-gatherer societies; this religion eventually would evolve into Shamanism once the societies collected in permanent settlements and turned towards agricultural cultivation. For this paper, I will be focusing on two different extremes of religion--Christianity and Vodou--and analyzing how these religions’ practices developed, specifically Catholicism and Haitian Vodou, from their original forms to coincide with the knowledge discovered during the different eras. It is important to note that although there are multiple subsets of Christianity including: Catholicism, Greek orthodoxy, and Protestantism, I will limit most of my research to Catholicism because of it’s extensive history and highly profound impact on modern western thinking and living but will later briefly touch on Protestantism since it’s emergence in the 16th century brought about monumental changes and is said to be the propelling force in the history of modern civilization. Although commonly viewed to be natural enemies, many scholars believe that science and religion should be noted as allies. Like science, religion attempts to increase our understanding of the world we live in. First and foremost, it is important to differentiate between…

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