Different Distinct Values And Norms Within A Larger Culture Essay

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Individuals form subcultures with different distinct values and norms within a larger culture (Innocente 2016). The subculture is usually influenced by many sociological aspects of society. Society helps form the values and norms which structure the way the individual will behave in his social group. I was born in Canada and studied in Canada until grade 4, then I was sent to an international boys boarding school in India. At my residence, I was given an identity of NRI (Non-residential Indian) by the care-takers. The first year was difficult, I was a minority and I had to fit into the NRI group consisting of other international students from America and other countries around the world. The rooms would always be organized so that all the NRI students would be in the same room. NRI kids, when together, would always talk in English. Evidence in the partition of the groups was in our different hobbies, as we NRI’s would usually pick Basketball as our primary sport. Throughout the year, we use to have 2 exams in grade 5. After the first exam, they posted the marks for the exam on the board making it possible to see everyone marks. For that exam, I end up failing the exam by 10%. From that day on I was bullied by all the kids in my grade for the marks I received and was also criticized by the caretakers, sports coach and teachers. Soon, I was the joke of the NRI group and was usually bullied in the group. From that day on, I worked extremely hard to study and achieve the best…

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