Different Definitions Under The Word Of Marriage Essay

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There are three different definitions under the word “marriage” in the Merriam- Webster dictionary. This doesn’t mean that one of the definitions is more correct than the other, but that the word is defined differently. The first definition according to Merriam- Webster dictionary is “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law” and the second is “an intimate or close union”. The word doesn’t change, it’s still the becoming of one between a man and a woman. However, just like the definition changes a little depending on who is describing it, the actual custom of marriage is changed depending on who practices it. Someone who looks at arranged marriage may think that is morally wrong, but the couple in an arranged marriage may look at gay marriage and think that that is wrong. Different cultures celebrate marriage with different ceremonies, rituals, and customs.
Ceremonies around the world can celebrate many things: birth, graduation, retirement, death, marriage. It is an event of ritual significance, where many people come together in commemoration of whatever is being celebrated. There are games involved in each ceremony,

Bennett 2 from Brazil playing a popular game called “fiance’s tie”, where the groomsman cut up the tie and anyone can bid on a piece to help raise money for the newlyweds, to pouring water on the bride’s and groom’s hands to wish them good luck and offer their…

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