Different Cultures Of Punishment By Joshua Kleinfield Essay

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In Two Cultures of Punishment by Joshua Kleinfield (2016), the Kleinfield compares how American and European nations differ in moral visions when inflicting punishment upon the offender. In America, crimes that are committed are viewed as morally wrong, not just to the victim, but to the entire society . In contrast, the legal system in Europe believes that the crime itself is separate from the offender in which that all human beings are essentially good. Furthermore, Kleinfield suggests that hard treatment and control are both significant in terms of how punishment is defined and function. Kleinfield, then, explains how human beings decides on the foundations of rights when they choose to punish. Lastly, Kleinfield states how the ideas of immutability and devaluation becomes a political tool that are used to justify the labelling and control of an offender.
Connecting the article to modern day issues, individuals who are sent and released from prison are given a false sense of hope that they will become successfully reintegrated back into society. Little to no services are adequately provided to individuals after released. In most cases, released inmates must learn to adjust to a fast paced society after being confined to an institution for ten to twenty years. Applying for a job can also be tedious as many may not even know how to create their own resume, let alone successfully complete an interview. As pessimistic as this viewpoint sounds, there is a sense of truth in…

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