Different Counseling Approaches For A Positive Change For Every Client With Every Counselor

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Tursi and Cochran (2006) argue that the different counseling approaches, including person centered approach, CBT, and the Gestalt therapy have been found to be effectual in bringing about a positive change in an individual’s life. However, it is important to note that there is no single counseling therapy that is devoid of limitation. Tursi and Cochran (2006, p. 387) highlights that “It is difficult to find one counseling approach that will satisfactorily lead to positive personality change for every client with every counselor” (p. 387).
Therefore, this justifies the need to integrate different therapies to realize the best result. Tursi and Cochran define theoretical integration as the process of bringing together either two or more differing theories, hence leading to the production of super ordinate clinical framework. Guterman and Rudes (2005) further contend that theory integration helps in addressing the limitations associated with each of the model while at the same time improving their particular strength.
Case Example
The Presented case is used to show how to integrate the models. The case involves a man by the name Kevin, married and presented with the problem of depression. During the interview, Kevin confirmed that he had been diagnosed with depression for more than two years and despite trying varied types of depression medication, little relief was forthcoming. The first session commenced with the therapists ascertaining from Kevin what problem…

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