Different Concepts From The Birth Territory Theory Essay

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Several concepts from the Birth Territory theory can be applied to the critical situation that occurred in August 2013.
‘Terrain’ is referred to several times in the incident. During induction the woman was placed in a birthing suite for early and active labor. A hospital-birthing suite closely resembles a ‘surveillance room’. Birthing suite rooms are designed to closely monitor the mother and her babies throughout the course of the labor via maternal and fetal heart rate monitoring, contraction monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, etc. The mother in labor was restricted to remaining in the bed at all times because of the constant monitoring, she did not have access to the outdoors, and she was only permitted to have ice chips because she was at risk for having a C-section; all of these aspects of her birthing room meet the criteria for a ‘surveillance room’. When the mother was transferred to the O.R. for the pushing phase of her labor, she was denied privacy (several medical personnel were in the room), peace and quiet (music was playing in the background), and access to any comforting efforts other than the company of her husband; these aspects also more closely resemble a ‘surveillance room’.
In addition to the ‘terrain’ the concept of ‘jurisdiction’ is even more pronounced in the critical situation.
There was a clear display of ‘disintegrative power’ throughout the course of the mother’s care. The concept of ‘disintegrative power’ was pronounced before labor had…

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