Different Carpentry And Dangerous Carpentry Essay

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Diverse Carpentry and Dangerous
Carpentry has been around for centuries even way back to the neolithic period. Through the centuries it has evolved just like the materials, tools and carpenters have. Despite what most people think carpentry is dangerous, and it is more than just building constructions out of wood, there 's more to the profession and different types of carpenters.

The main types of carpenter 's are residential, commercial, and industrial. A residential carpenter is a person who specializes in building single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and remodeling old homes. The jobs and activities they have to do consists of building and set forms for footings, walls, and slabs. They frame and finish exterior walls, roofs, and decks. Also they frame interior walls, build stairs, and install drywall, crown molding, doors, and cabinets. In addition residential carpenters are trained to install tile, wood, and carpet floors. A fully trained carpenter can easily switch from building a new home to remodeling an old farm house in a blink of an eye. Next is the commercial carpenter which is a carpenter who builds and remodels commercial builds. Such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and shopping malls the list just keeps going on. Commercial carpenters specialize in working with light-gauge and load-bearing steel framing. Which is used for interior partitions, exterior framing, and curtain wall constructions. They also specialize in working with…

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