Different Aspects Of Gender Roles Essay

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There are many different gender roles to raising a child, societies views on which parent should be doing what when it comes to raising a child is very typical. However, every child is different and every child has different needs, so the parents must adjust their parenting skills according to what is best for the child. To me, some of the roles of parenting is true, but then some is just stereotypical. Therefore, depending on the child will depend on what roles of the parent need to be adjusted. Fathers and mothers can play very different roles in a child’s life. The different aspects of gender roles varies when it comes to raising a child; there are the physical and emotional attributes, what is expected from the mother, and what is expected from the father, how parenting differs with the gender of the child, the difference between having a family with the parents together, and the difference in having them apart, how important co-parenting is, which parent the child lives with when parents are separated, and the dangers of a child living in a negative or abusive home. Raising a child can be a very demanding job, for some it is a full-time job. It can be very stressful raising a child, there are many different aspects in doing so. A parent would not only want their child to be smart and successful, and they would also want them to be happy. Happiness is a very important component of a child’s life and can potentially have an effect on their future. Happiness not only can…

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