Different Approaches For Handling Conflict Essay

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Conflict happens every day, everywhere, and with everyone. It is a process that people can try to avoid, but no matter what it will find its way into their life. There are many different approaches to handling conflict such as accommodation, competition, collaboration, compromise, and avoidance. Each person has their own way of dealing with conflicts that arise in their lives, and no one way is inherently correct. I, personally, practice a more indirect way of dealing with conflict, which seems to work with my personality. The individuals I interviewed have two very different relationships with me, which allow me to understand how I handle conflict in a more complete manner. Growing up, I was always the youngest, smallest kid in my grade. I could make friends easily, which led to minimal conflict throughout my career as a student. As I have grown up and attended college, my stances on subjects have become much more deeply rooted and I have evidence to back up my arguments. This does not mean that the way I handle conflict changed, it means that I added more management styles to my arsenal. Two main conflict styles were reflected in the questionnaire scores. Compromising and avoidant both scored the highest based on the averages of the three questionnaires that were completed. The fact that these two scored the highest does not surprise me at all. I apply these styles in very different situations and with people I have different interpersonal relationships with.…

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