Differences Of Saudi Arabia And The United Arab Emirates

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Register to read the introduction… Saudi is evolving into a more tolerant society and that, having mostly crushed the internal challenge from violent jihadists, its government is stable (Economist, 2010). "If, as a country, you adopt the Koran as a constitution, then all your wars must be holy wars, those who die for your country are holy warriors--and the secret police are doing the work of God." (Hegghammer, 2010) This quote shows just how tied in religion is with the state in Saudi Arabia. This may also be said for the U.A.E. as their law is close in many aspect to Sharia Law, however it is not nearly as strict and Conservative as that of the Saudi Arabian interpretation. Though Saudi is becoming less harsh on punishment- submission to the faith is as strong as ever with Islam as the fastest growing religion in the world- still reliant on stability due to handouts from the west. Ultimately the region is only as stable as the West pays it to be. Concise observations of both State’s recent activities in the region show their growing concerns over global opinion and the setting aside of tradition and tribal-like culture to make room for a more Liberal way of life. Though a slight hiccup; the naval confrontation between both states, leaving several Saudi soldiers injured, seemed to display a sense of instability in the region, looking at the far broader scale, both the U.A.E. and Saudi Arabia are strong allies that will find a way to overcome their differences and maintain a special relationship that will last well into the foreseeable …show more content…
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