Public Colleges Vs Private Universities

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When looking to attend a college there are a great amount of things you should look into. There are two different types of universities: Public and Private. Both types of universities have multiple similarities and differences. Most people like to find a school that has the major they are interested in. They also want a school that they feel would fit them well. Look at all the major factors before you come to a final decision on a university that you want to attend. These factors include how much the school cost, the size, academics, graduation rates, and so on. A colleges tuition(cost) is the major difference between public universities and private universities. The cost of a college is always determined by how the school is funded. Public universities are mainly funded through the state and federal operating funds. Private universities rely more on certain contributions and other funding so that they can keep everything running smoothly. Although some public colleges are cheaper than private, overall, college is never going to be cheap. Every once in a while you will find a private school that is cheaper than a public school. In-state tuition for a public college is most likely always going to be the lesser of the two. When it comes to out-of-state tuition, students are …show more content…
It is said that private schools have higher graduation rates than public schools. More students graduate on time in private schools rather than public schools. Since private schools are smaller, the students are able to easily enroll into classes that they need to graduate. Graduation is very important and one should be able to get all the classes they need to graduate on time. Public universities are so big that students have more trouble getting the classes required for their major. At times it may take longer to graduate from a public school than a private school. Although, not all public schools are enormously

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