Baseball Vs High School Baseball Essay

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High School Baseball and Major League Baseball I love baseball, my experience with baseball has been around all of my life. I have grown up understanding the basic fundamentals and rules. I am going to inform you on how High School Baseball, and Major League Baseball are different. There are an extended amount of differences in Major League Baseball to High School Baseball. More people understand Major League Baseball more than High School Baseball. In Major League Baseball each game last accordingly nine innings. A High School Baseball game will last seven innings (Leppard). In Major League Baseball batters are allowed to use wooden bats. In High School most baseball players will use metal bats, batters in high school may only use wooden bats if it is BBCOR certified. The reason why Major League Baseball players use wood is because usually, wooden bats do not hit the ball as far. Metal bats have more of a “pop” to it and could send the ball a farther distance. The reason for this is, usually Pro baseball players are stronger than most high schoolers. There is a rule in Major League Baseball that helps speed up time, meaning when the batter is in the batter’s box he may only take one foot out of the batter’s box at all times. This helps with the speed of the game. In High School baseball there is a two hour and thirty minute time limit. …show more content…
Each team will receive one flag to throw on the field to challenge a play if the manager of the team thinks the call was wrong. If the call is over turned the team challenging will the flag back. This is a process used to get every call right. This is not used in any High School games. The only way a call can be over turned in High School is if every umpire on the field meets and they all agree the call was wrong. It is very frustrating for me if a call is wrong, but I know that is part of the game and I just have to move on from it and get

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