Differences Of Bipolar Depression

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My husband and I just know the second National Great Depression will soon become a reality. With the way fuel prices are climbing, other things we need to survive will soon have their prices rise along with fuel. We are taking steps to prepare for this. My husband and I make a total of $2,300 per month. That is not too bad in the part of the country we live in, but as gas and other expenses continue to rise, we seem to have less and less money per month. I am sure other Americans are having the same issues. Especially if you make miminum wage and drive a distance to your employment. People need to wake up, because before you know it most of us will really be struggling to make ends meet. That means saving and cutting expenses to have money …show more content…
Of course, Bipolar is different from regular depression in that it is classified by different episodes of either mania or hypomania. I always figured that the depression part of the disorders would be the same, considering it 's depression. So, wouldn 't depression effect people the same, even if it is part of different disorders? Well, apparently not, as I have discovered. There are some big differences in the way a depressed person with Bipolar disorder handles themselves and the way a unipolar depressed person handles themselves. In Bipolar Depression: The person will generally have hypersomnia, that is, they sleep much more than usual. They may have a hard time waking up in the morning and be tired throughout the day. They often binge eat during this time- this actually makes sense because a Bipolar person switches from mania to depression, so their impulse control is not quite as mature as others. They also feel hopeless and worthless, much like unipolar depression, but there is a very high level of guilt in bipolar depression. Bipolar Depression is much more likely to be accompanied by anxiety, as well. Most of the time it is an imaginary guilt- they feel guilty for things they haven 't done or for things they imagine they have done. Many times in Bipolar Depression, there is a slowing down of the person 's activities. They lose interest in them and may cease to do them all together. They also will respond and talk slower. This also falls in line with the hypersomnia and feeling tired all the time. Bipolar people in a state of depression feel constantly fatigued. And because of their lack of impulse control, in Bipolar Depression, drug abuse is high. They may be using drugs to achieve the same effects they feel when they are manic or hypomanic. Or maybe they 're desperate to get out of this slump. Also, what is unfortunate, is that the risk of suicide

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