Differences Of Asian-American Culture

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Cultural defines us not only as a single person’s collection of personal beliefs and assumptions of the world, but can also span across large populations over the course of many generations. For our society to progress and evolve to a much more sophisticated entity, it is crucial that we must understand, and accept, the countless number of varying cultures that we will observe throughout our lives. As someone who was born into a small rural town that lacks diversity, I set out to learn the differences between my culture, and the cultures of the Asian-American and Mexican-American families of today.
My culture can be defined as being identified as a middle-class, blue-collar, White American. I was born into a small community whom lacked citizens
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My soon-to-be wife is a Chinese woman born on US soil in the city of Los Angeles. Although my fiancee, Kristine, was my initial point of contact for all questions in regards to Asian-American culture, I’ve been lucky enough to see these cultural differences firsthand. The first differences I noticed were the expectations that Asian parents place on their children. In education, there are no such thing as average to below-average grades. Asian children must always receive high marks in their coursework throughout their academic career. Higher education is generally viewed as a necessity for all Asian-Americans. Sons and daughters are often placed in different categories of expectations as well. The sons are held in a higher regard than the daughters because older generations of Asian-Americans believe the sons will offer shelter, and protection when they are too old to take care of themselves. Daughters are viewed as a loss of resources as they are married to and often too busy taking care of their own families in order to take care of her elders. Asian-Americans hold a high amount of respect for karma, and various deities than a single god or religion. They often give money to others because they believe in gaining personal karma from personal financial contributions to others in

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