Evolutionary Theory Vs Neo-Darwinism

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Evolutionary theory has been a widely questioned theory since it was put into the science world as an accepted theory. One of the trailblazers in this theory is Charles Darwin. He is famous for being a founding father of evolutionary theory and much of what he theorized is still accepted within modern science. There are a few parts of his evolutionary theory that are different than what modern scientists think. Darwin’s theory, though, is still sought after by many in the evolutionary field today. To fully understand the differences in Neo-Darwinism, this is modern evolutionary theory, and Darwinism we must delve into what Darwin believed.
Darwin’s theory relies heavily on the belief that natural selection or survival of the fittest is the source of evolution. seeing that variations useful to man have undoubtedly occurred, that other variations useful in some way to each being in the great and complex battle of life, should occur in the course of many successive generations? If such do occur, can we doubt that individuals having any advantage, however slight, over others, would have the best chance of surviving and procreating their kind?
In this quote, we see that he believed very heavily that if we know
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Now a major difference between these two is instead of every possible good variation passing down, only mutations within the species genes pass down. This means that, when Darwin says, “This preservation of favorable individual differences and variations” he is not entirely correct. He is partially correct though because the variations do pass down, but they must be a new variation within the species genes, a mutation. This is different than what he was saying because an organism may have something unique to it that is unable to be passed down because it is not a

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