Essay on Differences in Hospitals todat and 100 years ago

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Differences in hospitals now and 100 years ago

Hospitals have undergone numerous changes today compared to 100 years ago. In quantifying this statement, this paper is going to touch on two major changes that have taken place over the past century. As defined by (Malam 1999), hospital is an institution in which patients, ailing from different diseases, are taken for medical care and treatment. These are provided by professional physicians and nurses. In the process, meals and beds are provided. This definition dates back in 1999; however, hospitals’ functions have diversified to the extent that new services are offered. Soletsky (2002) explains major changes in education, research and technology. Schulz
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However, due to increased technology and improved research, these patients can now go home after a day or a week of treatment. Technology has also resulted to development of sophisticated methods that are used to treat diseases such as cancers. Nowadays, patients suffering from cancer can undergo chemotherapy and get healed completely.
Another difference in hospitals is the institutional function. Hospitals have become complexly institutionalized compared to a century ago. For instance, Schulz and Johnson (2003) suggest that hospitals are striking a balance between their internal and external functions. Hospitals are nowadays monitoring both management and the community. Hospital services that were being offered indoors are nowadays offered outdoors. These services are offered outdoors in order to tackle problems that had affected hospital operations for over 100 years ago. Such problems include increased cost of hospital care, bed, meals and staff deficiency. In modern days, most diseases are treated in polyclinics, walk-in-clinic and dispensaries (Schulz and Johnson, 2003). There is also emergence of referral clinics and hospitals that specialize in treatment of certain diseases.
In conclusion, it is evident that there have been several changes in hospitals. The paper has expounded on two major changes that have influenced almost several changes in hospital sector. It has shown how improved education and research have led to improved disease diagnosis and

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