Differences Between Traditional Based Approach And Distributed Approach

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The problems related to IT project team are varied. In this project, it can be seen that problems are associated with 3 major parts of the organization. The first part is the leader namely Mr. Technic. Then, based on the problems with leader, there are some issues arising from the Team. Lastly, the drawbacks in these 2 parts of the project team bring problems to the company as a whole and vice versa.

Throughout the essay, these points will be evaluated in a more concrete way. However, here it should be added that, to provide solution to Mr. Technic, the definition of distributed leadership should be defined. Furthermore, the differences between traditional based approach and distributed approach will be used to give more efficient solutions to him.

Autocratic leadership, also know as the traditional based approach, is leadership in which an individual has sole authority and group members are seen as subordinates Leaders typically make choices based on their own ideas and beliefs without considering any idea from followers. That is why Cherry (2014) describes this kind of leadership as a “Autocratic leadership involves absolute, authoritarian control over a group”. The tasks are allocated to people and the focus is more on individual action, though when they don 't, problems arise which can be seen in the case given to us. Distributed leadership, on the other hand, “is not something ‘done’ by an individual ‘to’ others, or a set of individual actions through which…

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