Differences Between The Red Party And The Blue Party Essay

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Every ten years after the census, politicians redraw the district boundaries that determine the house and state legislature. The problem with this system is that the same politicians who redraw the district boundaries are the ones who are being elected by the people in them. When doing this, they can redraw the lines however they want. These lines can be drawn in many different ways and are able to give an advantage to one party or another. For instance, a state with 40% of the people belonging to the yellow party and 60% of the people belonging to the blue party should have two yellow districts and three blue districts. However the districts can be drawn in a way that the representatives of the blue party have the majority of votes in all of the districts. On the other hand, if the yellow party representatives draw the districts then they can make boundaries in which three districts have a majority of the yellow party and two districts have a majority of people in the blue party. So whichever party is allowed to draw the districts will most likely win all of the votes of that state. This means that the outcome of the elections of a state is essentially decided years in advance. This may seem crazy but it is totally legal. Its called Gerrymandering named after a former Massachusetts governor named Elbridge Gerry who in 1812 drew a district that was so contorted it was said to look like the mythical salamander.
In a direct democracy, every one’s vote will count…

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