Differences Between The Hungarian And Swedish Cultures Essay examples

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All over the world are various cultures that have been formed over generations and generations thus creating drastically different families. The word culture refers to what a particular collective group of people share in common that distinguish them from other collectives or cultures pg 4. In these cultures, there are underlying values and beliefs shared by the group that distinguishes them from other different cultures. When studying different cultures around the world some of them will have some commonalities with each other, but most of these are strikingly different. All of these similarities and differences depend on various things such as resources, location, climate, economy, availability, accessibility, etc. All of these things are equally important to examine when understanding a different culture that is in a different region of the world. The two cultures that I have chosen to compare and contrast is the Romanian and Swedish cultures. Both of the cultures are very interesting to learn about and I think we all can learn a lot from each of these. In the following paragraphs I will compare and contrast the differences of families in context, marriage and cohabitation, and their views about children and birthrates. In Romania, the concept of family is a very important aspect of their culture and these families consist of being married happily and having children, while also being financially assured with a comfortable home. This is an ideal family in Roman…

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