Essay on Differences Between The Education Systems Of China And U.s.

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The differences between the education systems of China and U.S. has been a hot topic in China for decades. Although all the education systems are created to fulfill the needs of current societies, the outcomes of education can be quite different due to culture and economy difference. Therefore, when we talk about education systems, we should identify them through analyzing what outcomes reflect the goals the education system. Of course, here I’m not talking about the big picture of the differences between the education systems of China and U.S., indeed, I would love to share my personal feeling from the experiences I have in the college I attended in China before and college of the Albemarle. Although some similarities exist between them such as both of them are public postsecondary institutions and supported by local governments, they are very different in the goal of education, teaching-learning interactions, and the competition environment. The school I attended in China was the Southwestern Medical University (SWMU). It is a public, medical university, consisting of a five-year undergraduate college and other graduated institutions. It is one of the biggest medical education institution of five provinces in southwestern China. Therefore, the school focuses on training young medical personnel for local hospitals, CDCs (center for disease control and prevention), health departments, and other medical service areas (Regulations). Due to the goal of education there and…

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