Differences Between The Cohabitation And The Marriage Essay

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As mentioned in A-Down-To-Earth “Family is describing as two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption”. Family is also a fundamental unit of social life because it allows a large part of social reproduction. It is the first social bond that the child establishes with society through his relationships with his family’s members. Family as the small government in the world, children learn from if to live in society. Family prepare kids to become a man or a woman to be able one day to build his or her own family. So before that happens, male or female they will become must meet their lover and together as couple will make decisions whether to live in cohabitation or get married. According to Henslin, cohabitation means “unmarried couple living together in a sexual relationship” and the meaning is totally opposite to the definition of marriage. So, it is important to notify that there is a difference between the cohabitation and the marriage.
Most of time, two people meet, often exchange, and fall in love and cohabits for a certain time to finally decide whether or not to spend their life together and the life style their couple will be based on. Living together before making the decision to get married and be committing to marriage is an easy and wise decision to eventually avoid a lot of problems in the future. They learn to know each other in deep because they both come from a different environment with specific temper, vision of life,…

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