Essay on Differences Between The Civil And Criminal Justice System

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This essay will explore the differences between civil and criminal actions, which can be interpreted as the division between crimes and torts. In addition, this essay will also describe the differences between punishments for crimes and how it differs from losing civil cases. The OJ Simpson case, was both tried in civil and criminal court. This case is key and will explain the elements of a crime and will provide insight or whether or not the murders were mala in se or mala prohibita. Civil law is the branch of the criminal justice system that protects the citizen rather than the public interest and criminal law is illegal conduct that can lead to an arrest by the police, trial before the courts, and incarceration in prison. (Lippman, 2015) In criminal cases, the defendant is not required to prove their innocence, however it is the prosecutor’s job to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt that defendant is guilty. In contrast, civil law deals with disputes between private individuals and must establish civil liability based on a preponderance of evidence standard. (Johnson, 2010) Another essential point is that torts are violations done by one person to another party and may result in injured person taking civil action against opposing party. The main purpose of civil action is to compensate person injured and for criminal action is to punish violators for conduct that endangers society. (Lippman, 2015) The punishment for the loss of a criminal case can involve jail time…

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