Differences Between Ten Canoes And The Fast Runner Essay examples

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Differences –
There are many similarities and differences between Ten Canoes and The Fast Runner. Both are in reference to indigenous people, however, both films also explore stories which provide the audience with a deeper understanding of each tribes’ customs and laws. There are moments in each film which are similar such as having more than one wife or knowing ones place within the community. On the other hand both also have many differences as well for example, .
Some of the similarities between both films are how each group of indigenous people strong ties to their traditions and laws within the community to keep order. Each film demonstrates this as there are lessons learned by each tradition or law which is broken. In both films, when one of these are broken there are consequences the people faces. For example both films speak of men who wish to have another man’s wife or a woman who has already been promised to another. In both occasions this conflict can cause conflict within the tribe and a disruption the harmony of the community. Another similarity is it not uncommon for the males to have more than one wife. However, in both stories the men discover the burden of having more than one wife and the demands of having more than one. In addition, if the husband should pass away there is another relative or leader to provide for the wives left behind. Furthermore, both films also present the belief in dark spirits as another common idea both…

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