Differences Between Sports And Basketball Essay

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Those who do not play nor watch sports have very little knowledge on the subject. The one thing everyone knows and that all sports have in common is, the main point, to score against the opponent. Professional football and basketball are two of the most popular sports in America. With millions of fans watching live televised games across the nation these two sports each generate billions of dollars every year. The players make millions based on their salary, bonuses, and endorsements. Although, there is a substantial fan base for these sports, there is also a large percentage of people who are misinformed on professional football and basketball. Three differences and similarities between football and basketball are: the equipment, the field and the rules. To begin, the equipment used for football is crucial to play for many reasons. First, there can be no game without a ball. The ball in football is a hard leather, angular sphered ball filled with air. There are laces on the ball to fit the form of the player’s fingers. This allows the players to have a good grip on the ball and the shape gives the ball an aerodynamic advantage when throwing. Since football players play on grass, cleats are worn to help players run on soft surfaces with better traction. Shoulder, knee and leg pads are also part of the equipment used in football. This is for safety reasons since football is a contact sport and players are required to tackle one another. Most importantly, players are required…

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